Thursday, February 21, 2013

Estate Sales

Matt and I recently got into going to estate sales (and by "recently," I mean last weekend...). 

There is something so creepy about it. Just walking through someone (who probably recently passed away) else's house and buying their stuff. The first one we went to had everything (and I mean EVERYthing) still in it's place. You could literally walk into this woman's closet and buy her grandma-looking clothes right off the hangers. This particular house also had some really great deals. There was a HUGE brand new sectional in the upstairs area that had a sign on it for $1400. Way too much for us, plus it would never fit in our apartment, so we just passed it on by. Next thing you know, a man runs up the stairs and says that the price on the sectional is slashed down to $400! FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! I wish we could have snagged that up!

The next sale we went to was even better! We went to an estate sale in a nice area of Nashville in a 4-story house where we had to call and get the address because it was in a gated community! 

It. Was. Awesome.

I will say, it surprised me. The house was super nice on the outside, but everything inside, while expensive, was super outdated. The best part for us was driving around the neighborhood as we were leaving. Hey, we were already "in," so why not snoop around?? We saw cars that cost more than an average house, houses with AMAZING views, and even a special "members only" exit out of the neighborhood. 

We're planning on going to even more estate sales soon, so I'll keep you updated!


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