Thursday, November 27, 2014

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Those of you who know me really well know that I'm one of the (very few) people who could 100% skip right on over Thanksgiving. I'm completely happy spreading Christmas cheer from November 1st till the end of December and leaving Thanksgiving in the dust. 

Part of that probably stems from the fact that growing up, Thanksgiving wasn't a huge, crazy affair for my family. Sure, we had turkey and pie, but we didn't live near any extended family and they lived too far away to travel just for a long weekend. It was normally just us and more of a relaxing day off school and work than anything. (PS: I don't even like turkey....honey baked ham all the way!)

Another reason is my "all or nothing" rebellious attitude in life. Yes, I'm one of those "if you're going to be thankful for something, do it all year round" type of people. I'm also one of those rebellious, "let's do the opposite of what everyone else is doing" type of people. I think it's great that everyone can set aside some time to remind themselves (and media peer pressure anyone??) what they're thankful for, but I think the world would be a much better place if we did this all year round instead of just one month out of the year. Anyone up for the challenge?? :)

Either way, I do acknowledge that it's great to count your blessings and in an attempt to "go along with the crowd" (insert shocked face emoji here), here are two things I'm thankful for right now:

Matthew | You're the only person on Earth who I can be 100% myself with and you put up with my crazy pessimism all the time. (You also put up with me when I'm hangry, so that's saying a lot.) You always support me and encourage me when things are hard. Without you I would eat a constant rotation of cereal, Totino's pizzas, and mac & cheese (with pepper!) for dinner, so I guess I owe my health to you, too. (PS: Click here and go follow him on Google+. He posts a lot more than I do & has way less followers than me. Soooo not cool.)

YouTube | I've found so many great channels to watch on YouTube this past year. Some of my favorites are EssieButton, AmeliaLiana, MissGlamorazzi, and the Shaytards. When faced with the choice to watch something on TV or YouTube, I'll always chose YouTube. Why?? Because it's REAL reality TV. It's the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's 100% real life and it's something I think there needs to be more of. (Disclaimer: I'm not denying the fact that I still binge watch Real Housewives and the Kardashians....I just acknowledge the fact that those shows aren't actually realistic to any normal person's life.) 

A lot of YouTubers have recently posted thoughts about how discouraging it is to film vlogs and constantly be criticized in the comments about their messy house, their no-make-up faces, and other REAL LIFE problems that we all have. I want to encourage them to push through the madness because the world NEEDS more of the imperfections. In the seemingly perfect world of Pinterest, Instagram, and blogging, most people only tend to show the good stuff. The staged stuff. The pictures that look perfect but what you don't see is the dirty laundry right outside of the frame. Vlogging on YouTube changes all that. It shows the world that it's okay if your kitchen isn't clean 100% of the time. It doesn't have to be embarrassing to walk outside without makeup on. You shouldn't have to be ashamed that your house isn't spotless all the time. It's REAL LIFE. For real. And I think it should be celebrated.

Obligatory Thanksgiving post (& mini-YouTube rant) over.......let's move on to CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Look!

I've given the blog a new look, along with updating the links to my social media accounts on the right hand side! I still have more updating to come, so stay tuned! I've been making a list of some post ideas and even some more YouTube videos, so subscribe so you don't miss anything!

Click through to check out the new look, brought to you by Wonder Forest and her amazing sale yesterday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tangle Teezer WINNER

Congrats to the winner of the pink Tangle Teezer.....

I sent you an email and will be sending you your Tangle Teezer ASAP! Enjoy!

Monday, May 26, 2014

I took the plunge....

I bought a domain, so you can now go to (no need for the .blogspot anymore!)

Don't forget to enter the contest on my last post---only one entry so far, so you have a GREAT chance of winning!!!! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Giveaway: The Tangle Teezer

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and had a notification that The Tangle Teezer tweeted about my blog post from yesterday! It doesn't take much to make me happy (anything pink or elephant-related usually does the trick!), but that made my day!

In honor of that, I thought I'd pass along the happiness and give away one pink Tangle Teezer!

All you have to do is leave a comment below saying "TEEZE ME!" 

Want another chance to enter? Instagram about the contest using the picture below. You must be following me on Instagram. You also must tag TWO friends who you think might enjoy my blog! Leave a separate comment saying you did that and you'll be entered twice! U.S. Residents only, please!

I'll pick the winner a week from today (May 28) and announce it in a new blog post, so stay tuned!

Good luck! 

Disclaimer: I purchased The Tangle Teezer with my own, hard-earned money and am giving it away out of the goodness of my heart. The Tangle Teezer brand has no idea who I am (besides tweeting about me!) although if they'd like to get to know me better, I wouldn't turn them down! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Wet Brush vs. The Tangle Teezer

As most of you know, I have long hair. Long hair that used to be pretty manageable until I decided to get some layers cut in to give it more of a style. I soon found out that layers equal tangles. Never in my life have I had so many rats nests and tangles in my hair!! I would have to have Matt brush my hair out because I just couldn't handle it (and I have a pretty hard head)! It was like a flashback to my childhood days when my mom had to brush my hair out after taking a bath. Tangles, tangles, and more tangles.

Enter.... The Wet Brush

I had heard so many great things about this brush, so I picked one up at my nearest Cosmetic Market. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical. It looked like a normal brush--what could be so different? The first time I tried it, I didn't really notice much of a difference between it and a normal brush. It seemed to glide through my tangles a little better, but it wasn't perfect. 

One of the main things about The Wet Brush is that it's designed to use when your hair is wet (hence the name...duh!). Personally, I never had much of a problem with tangles when my hair was wet (probably due to all the conditioning in the shower), so I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before I bought the brush. I guess I assumed that if it worked great wet, it would work fine when my hair was dry, too.


While it worked, it definitely didn't help the problems I was having. Also, after a few uses, the little nubs on the end of the bristles started coming off, leaving the bare plastic bristles which HURT when you brush your hair! (See picture above. Those pink things on the end of the bristles? They should be on ALL the bristles!!) It felt like I was just scraping my scalp with a piece of metal! Ouch!! In addition, it was hard to clean and got dirty very easily. As you can tell from the pictures, it collected lint and you can still see some hairs in it. And this is after I cleaned it out! 

I needed something different, so I thought I'd try The Tangle Teezer.

I first heard about The Tangle Teezer from Essie Button. She raved about it (she even has her Grandpa using it!!) so I thought, why not? I picked mine up for around $10 from Ulta, but I've also seen them at Target! Upon first inspection, I noticed that the entire brush was made out of plastic--meaning no little nubs to come off when I brush my hair--problem #1 solved. The second thing I noticed is the design. As you can see, it's not your average brush shape, which I, personally, love! It's very ergonomic (all the rage these days), and surprisingly comfortable to use! It fits perfectly in your hand, making for a great brushing experience.

I noticed on the website that The Tangle Teezer is also meant to be used on wet hair, but I have had a great experience with this brush on both wet and dry hair. I also find that it's super easy to clean. Because of the shape and the way it's made, it's easy to get all those stray hairs out. I found a really great tutorial on how to deep clean your Tangle Teezer and am planning on trying it out tonight!

In my opinion, The Tangle Teezer wins by a landslide. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and gets the job done! If you have hard to brush hair (wet OR dry!) I highly recommend picking one up next time you're at Target!

Has anyone else tried either of these brushes?? Which one did you like best??

PS: I purchased each of these brushes on my own and neither The Wet Brush nor The Tangle Teaser know who I am. Just sharing my personal, non-professional opinion in hopes to help other people out!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Record Store Day 2014

In case you didn't know, April 19 was Record Store Day. Each year on Record Store Day (RSD for all you cool kids), many bands put out limited edition records and there are usually pretty long lines at all the local record stores. We've been quite a few times, mostly to get anything by the Drive-By Truckers, but also just to see what else they have. Part of the fun of it all is waiting in line, conversing with fellow record lovers, and just getting excited about having that new record in your hand. This year was no exception.
We usually go to The Groove record store over in East Nashville. Grimey's is probably Nashville's most popular, but in our experience, it also has the worst lines, so we opt for another local favorite. Plus, you really can't go wrong because there are so many great restaurants in East Nashville to eat at when you're finished! 

 After waiting in line for over an hour, we finally made our purchases and walked over to Barista Parlor, one of our favorite (albeit, EXPENSIVE) coffee shops in Nashville. The coffee and food are amazing, as is the people-watching (in fact, we sat next to Chris Thile from Nickel Creek and his wife. They seemed super nice, FYI.). BUT, in my opinion, the prices are a little over the top. Also, you can't see the menu until you're literally standing at the register to order, which is just way too much pressure for me, considering they always have a long line and I hate making random people wait for me to decide what to order! I also hate not knowing how much something costs until I get to the register. Anyone else with me on that? I refuse to go to a restaurant that doesn't put prices on the menu, but that's a whole other blog post!
Anyway, while we were waiting on our coffee, we pulled out our records for another look. We ended up getting Drive-By Trucker's Dragon Pants EP, Rockabye Baby's David Bowie, and Court Yard Hounds' Amelita. Here's the biggest kicker........... we don't even own a record player! Luckily, two of the records came with digital downloads, so we've still been able to listen to them and I have All Access for the rest! Hopefully a record player is in our near future! 
After coffee, we were starving, so we decided to hit up our favorite local BBQ place, Edley's, for some BBQ and beer. Nothing screams summer like beer in a mason jar, am I right?? Love this place. Definitely in my top 5 places in Nashville. Great food and amazing atmosphere.
Of course, Matt wore his Google Glass the whole time, which didn't get as many comments as they usually do. Surprising, since we went to quite a few places that day! I'll have to write a post soon about all the different reactions we've got so far. Some people say the craziest things.
We had a great time and it was one of those days that makes us reminisce on past Record Store Days and at the same time look forward to the days when we can take our kids to wait in line for records because, yes, our kids WILL know what records are!!